Airbnb to validate all listings, Twitter to let you follow subjects – Video

Airbnb to verify all listings, Twitter to let you follow topics - Video

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This is CNET and here the stories that matter today, Airbnb prepares to validate 100% of listings and make a variety of other security enhancements following a shooting throughout a Halloween celebration at a California leasing that left 5 dead.
The security upgrades followed the house sharing services preliminary carry on Saturday to prohibit leasings of residential or commercial properties for us as celebration home.
Airbnb will make sure that 100% of its 6 million house rental listings world broad will be confirmed by the end of the year.
Twitter is presenting a brand-new function for following particular subjects, called subjects.
The function which was previously reported by the brink is introducing today, and will be readily available worldwide November 13th, Twitter has actually verified.
The function will apparently let individuals follow more than 300 locations of interest throughout topics like sports and home entertainment, comparable to how they follow private Twitter accounts.
And lastly, a year and a half after a self-driving Uber vehicle eliminated a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona, Bloomberg is reporting on files that clarify the vehicle.
According to the reporting, the Uber vehicle did not have software application that might discover jaywalkers.
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