All the Times Emily Ratajkowski’s My Body Gets Brutally Real

All the Times Emily Ratajkowski's My Body Gets Brutally Real

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Starring in Robin Thicke‘s “Blurred Lines” video in 2013 catapulted her to a brand-new level of popularity. Which, naturally, was a variety as dispute occurred (primarily online) regarding whether the video was misogynistic, and Ratajkowski ended up being inextricably connected both to her unclothed efficiency and the debate.

She safeguarded the video then, stating that she havinged fun making it and felt completely safe on set “being in the company of many women I trusted and liked.”

It wasn’t till Ratajkowski discovered that Thicke was anticipating an infant with his fiancĂ©e April Love Geary and went to his Instagram, just to learn she seemed obstructed, that it clicked into location: She had not done anything to anger, however on the set of “Blurred Lines,” she composes, “He did something he wasn’t expected to do” She declares that the vocalist was “a little drunk” on set and, while she was dancing “as ridiculously as possible,” she felt cold hands cupping her bare breasts from behind. Thicke “smiled a goofy grin and stumbled backward, his eyes concealed behind his sunglasses,” she composes.

There was an uncomfortable time out and Diane Martel, the director, asked if she was OKAY, and she remembers nodding, and perhaps even smiling to insist she was alright. But in truth she was stunned and didn’t truly understand what to do. She didn’t respond “like I should have,” she remembers, nor did any of the other girls on set. They simply kept shooting.

A representative for Thicke did not return ask for remark when this anecdote from the book made news prior to its release. Martel supported Ratajkowski’s account of being searched to the Sunday Times in the U.K. But Ratajkowski clarified to Vanity Fair in October that she wasn’t stepping forward, so to speak.

“It’s been a little strange to have even people who are well-meaning come up to me and say, ‘I’m so glad you spoke out about Robin Thicke,'” she stated. “And it’s like, well, no, I didn’t speak out. And that’s not at all the message behind this. It wasn’t about ‘I need to tell my story of sexual assault’ because that’s just not even how I see it.”

She included, “The part that not a lot of people are focusing on is that I really was enjoying myself…Also this other thing happened and that says something about the world we live in. Both things exist at the same time.”