All the Times Kim Kardashian Proved She Is a Total Libra – E! Online

All the Times Kim Kardashian Proved She Is a Total Libra - E! Online

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Sharing the wealth.

Through her truth TELEVISION profession and numerous company ventures, Kim has actually discovered herself in an exceptionally affluent monetary location. In real Libra style, the KKW Beauty employer has actually been exceptionally providing to liked ones, charity and more.

In 2011, Kim appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and stated that “whatever it is” she makes, she contributes 10 percent of it.

And, plainly, Kim’s providing streak has actually just grown in time. Back in 2018, Kim and Kanye contributed $500,000 to California wildfire relief efforts.

Outside of monetary contributions, Kim has actually shown herself to be an extremely thoughtful individual. For Kris Jenner‘s birthday in 2019, Kim leased her youth house.

“Today we celebrate my mom. Anyone that knows her, knows how sentimental she is,” Kim shared on Instagram. “For her birthday I planned a small lunch, with just her kids and her closest friends of 40+ years. I sent out invites with a location where we all met. When everyone arrived, I told them I had a surprise and this wasn’t where we would be eating. I then gave everyone the REAL invitation and once everyone saw the address for where we would be going tears filled the room.”