Allison Holker Resumes Dancing After Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ 2022 Death

Allison Holker Resumes Dancing After Stephen

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Allison Holker is dancing once again.

The So You Think You Can Dance star has actually shared her very first brand-new dance videos given that the death of her other half, fellow dancer and choreographer Stephen “tWitch” Boss in 2015.

OnAug 23, Allison published a clip of her and child Weslie, 15, dancing to a remix of “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic on TikTok. She captioned the clip, “When your life is a mess but you just trying to vibe.”

Weslie commented, “Lol we’re funny,” and her mother reacted, “Hahahha…love you.”

Then onAug 26, Allison, 35, shared on TikTok a video of herself and buddy Brittany Russell dancing to Missy Elliott‘s 2003 track “Bomb Intro / Pass That Dutch.” She captioned the clip, “Excited to be back.”

Allison published the exact same video on Instagram, writing, “Truly felt so good to dance again. I was overwhelmed with so many emotions. I was both scared and excited. But dance has always been there for me… even now and I am so grateful for that. And thank you @bperryrussell for making it so fun and making me feel safe!”