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Aly & AJ Performing

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This is possibly the most sentimental TikTok ever! 

On Oct. 29, pop duo Aly & AJ, aka sis Alyson Michalka and Amanda Michalka, lastly participated the TikTok minute surrounding their 2007 track “Potential Breakup Song.” Sitting versus a virtual moon background, the brother or sisters were very severe while mouthing the opening lines to the bop. 

“It took too long, it took too long, it took too for you to call back/And normally I would just forget that/Except for the fact it was my birthday/My stupid birthday,” the vocalists take turns mouthing over the renowned tune. 

So renowned, in reality, that back in April fans went crazy when a viral Twitter thread declared the tune had to do with Joe Jonas, who AJ dated around the time of the album. The band’s authorities Twitter account shut down the rumors, exposing that the band’s tune “Flattery” was in fact about Joe, not “Potential Breakup Song.” 

For those who do not invest hours mindlessly scrolling TikTok, the app has actually recently been everything about this break up number. One of the most popular videos includes a group of mothers taking turns singing along to the tune at a bar. The now viral TikTok was published by among the ladies’s children, Mia Gillespie. It presently has more than 8 million likes on the app, with a lots of fans “dueting” the video in order to think the shoe, beverage, and even political association of each female singing along. 

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