Amal Clooney Promises George She’ll “Never” Do This Again in Marriage – E! Online

George Clooney Shares How His Wife Amal “Changed Everything” for Him - E! Online

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All marital relationships require work, even that of power couple Amal and George Clooney.

Though the moms and dads of 2 look like they have actually got it all determined, Amal exposed the something that she’s pledging to never ever do once again for the “sake of our marriage.” 

The attorney was speaking on Wednesday, Dec. 16, for the virtual book launch of her 1,000 page legal text The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law, which she released with fellow teacher Philippa Webb.

The discussion turned towards the effort it took the scholars to pen the book, and Amal guaranteed she would never ever put her other half through the journey once again. 

“I also want to just end by thanking my husband, George. I know this process seemed interminable to him, especially since I was always so sure that this was ‘the very last drafting session,’ over and over again,” she stated throughout the talk with The International Bar Association and Oxford University Press, according to Entertainment Tonight.

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