An Ode to Bachelorette Star Brendan Morais’ Stylish Turtlenecks – E! Online

An Ode to Bachelorette Star Brendan Morais' Stylish Turtlenecks - E! Online

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Call us insane, however the swagger of a turtleneck definitely might have added to her impression of him. For a 2nd, think about that a few of popular culture’s most elegant guys—Marlon Brando, Yves Saint Laurent, Timothée Chalamet—have actually all been fans of the one-piece frock. And as somebody who explained herself as operating in the “fashion and beauty space,” Tayshia should have a gratitude for a male who can put himself together elegantly—without her assistance.

Now, it needs to be kept in mind Brendan wasn’t alone in parting with the conventional dressed appearance. Similarly, 26-year-old Demar Jackson used a sports jacket with a team neck Tee shirts that stated, It’s 2020, we’re much better than this. But still, it was eventually Mr. Roofer that won her over and currently has fans buzzing about his capacity.

Will turtlenecks continue to add to his total success on the program? If Tayshia’s heart goes aflutter, our brand-new theory simply may show to be real. 

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