Anti-Putin faction states it lags killing of ‘war guru’ s’ child

    Violent anti-Russian group the National Republican Army have claimed responsibility for the murder of Darya Dugina

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    The National Republican Army utilized Telegram to declare it assassinated Darya ‘Dasha’ Dugina
    (Picture: Reuters)

    A violent anti-Russian group is declaring it assassinated the child of the Neo-Nazi mastermind behind Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine intrusion.

    The ‘National Republican Army’ (NRA) revealed on Telegram it was taking obligation for the Moscow vehicle bomb massacre of 30- year-old Darya ‘Dasha’ Dugina.

    Russian FSB intelligence authorities had actually bizarrely blamed the blast on Saturday night on a woman Ukrainian spy, who they called as Natalia Vovk.

    They stated she consistently altered her look and her vehicle’s registration plates to scam Russian guards and made her escape in a Mini– an unusually comparable plot to the 1969 movie The Italian Job.

    Dugina’s bearded ultra-nationalist, Rasputin- design, occultist daddy Alexander Dugin, 60, had actually blamed his child’s killing on a ‘terrorist attack carried out by the Nazi Ukrainian regime’.

    The NRA buffooned his and the Kremlin’s improbable variations of the hit.

    It composed: ‘The speed of the investigation! All this became known a day after the murder. The authorities are so afraid of the partisans that they are ready for any fables.’

    Putin, 69, spoke up on Saturday, branding the vehicle bomb a ‘vile crime’ after allegations he purchased the struck after his ‘war guru’ Dugin criticised him for not being extreme enough in his barrage of Ukraine.

    Darya Dugina was a pro-Putin TV host

    Dugina was approved by Britain for spreading out false information about Russia and Ukraine as one of Putin’s television expert mouth pieces (Picture: Reuters)

    Natalia Vovk was bizarrely blamed for the bombing

    Russian intelligence bizarrely blamed Natalia Vovk for the assassination

    Natalia Vovk was said to have made her escape in a Mini

    Agents stated Vovk got in and out of Moscow in a Mini like in The Italian Job

    Darya Dugina with her father Alexander Dugin

    Dugina with her Neo-Nazi, war mongering daddy (Picture: EyePress News/Shutterstock)

    Alexander Dugin clasps his head in his hands as he watches his daughter’s car burn

    Dugin was recorded at the scene of the vehicle bomb clutching his head in misery as he viewed his child’s Toyota burn

    Alexander Dugin paid tribute to his daughter in a speech

    Dugin stated his child ‘died for Russia’ at a funeral after he supposedly suffered a cardiovascular disease in the hours after she was blown to pieces in Moscow (Picture: Reuters)

    Investigators comb the scene of the blast

    Investigators comb the highway in the after-effects of Saturday’s blast (Picture: Reuters)

    In a message launched by the Kremlin, the Russian leader– whose health is stated to be badly decreasing– stated: ‘A vile, cruel crime ended the life of Daria Dugina, a bright, talented person with a real Russian heart – kind, loving, sympathetic and open.’

    At an event the other day to commemorate Dugina’s life, her mourning daddy guaranteed a brand-new Russian state would completely annex Ukraine and other areas.

    He informed mourners his child ‘died for the people, died for Russia’, including: ‘The huge price we have to pay can only be justified by the highest achievement, our victory.’

    Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov last night condemned Dugina’s murder as a ‘barbaric crime’.

    Dugin– recorded in video gripping his head in misery as he viewed his child’s Toyota burn on a highway exterior Moscow– supposedly suffered a cardiovascular disease in healthcare facility after the bomb attack.

    Dubbed ‘Putin’ s brain’ due to his extraordinary impact on the Russian leader, Dugin got away death by choosing to change vehicles at the last minute after he returned with his child from a Russian ‘Tradition’ celebration.

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