Apple struck with $1.4B Siri patent suit from Chinese business


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Apple is being taken legal action against over its Siri voice assistant innovation.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

A Chinese AI business on Monday hit Apple with an enormous suit over supposed patent violation. The business, understood both as Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology and as Xiao-i, is taking legal action against Apple for 10 billion yuan ($1.43 billion) over Siri, Apple’s voice assistant innovation, which Xiao-i declares infringes upon a patent it got in 2004 and was approved in 2009.

In a social networks post, initially reported by Reuters, the business stated it’s asking Apple “to stop patent infringement on its smart assistant product Siri, including but not limited to stopping the manufacturing, using, promising to sell, selling and importing products.”

Apple stated it’s anticipating safeguarding its software application in court.

“This case has been going on for 8 years,” an Apple representative stated. “Siri does not contain features included in their patent, which relates to games and instant messaging, and we are disappointed Xiao i Robot has filed another lawsuit. Independent appraisers certified by the Supreme People’s Court have also concluded that Apple does not infringe Xiao I Robot’s technology.”

This suit isn’t the very first altercation the 2 business have more than this specific patent. Xiao-i initially lodged its grievance in 2012, however Apple submitted a demand to have actually the patent revoked. The conversation over whether the patent stands has actually continued for 8 years, however last month China’s Supreme People’s Court ruled in Xiao-i’s favor, reversing a previous choice reached by Beijing High Court.

Xiao-i is utilizing this most current choice as fuel to restore its initial patent violation claim. The business, which focuses on natural language processing, stated it submitted the official suit with Shanghai High People’s Court.

Apple didn’t instantly react to ask for remark.

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