Are Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Still Living Together? He Says …

Are Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney Still Living Together? He Says...

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He continued, “I truly love human beings but, on an intimate level, the thought of dating another human being is horrifying.”

And offered how he and Katie had actually been together for 12 years prior to parting methods, Tom joked that he’ll most likely be a little rusty when he is all set to discover love once again.

“When me and Katie started dating, I don’t even know if dating apps existed,” he stated, sheepishly including, “I’m gonna be single for a long time, but not too sad of a way.”

Tom, 39, and Katie, 35, revealed their split in March after 12 years together. At the time, Tom stated in a declaration the 2 had “healthy, productive conversations” about their marital relationship prior to choosing to divide, including that “it would be far sadder if she decided to stay with me whilst not happy.”

“I don’t think we were ever a model couple,” he composed onInstagram “Maybe we are model divorcees.”

As for Katie, she just recently shared that she’s all set to dip her toe in the dating swimming pool, however is most likely to satisfy brand-new individuals “the old-fashioned way” instead of counting on dating apps.

“You would think that after being with someone for 12 years and all of this that you would not be ready for that, but I feel like I am and would be down for all of that,” she stated on the April 10 episode of the We Met At Acme podcast. “But, when you’re still living with your ex, it does present some obstacles, for sure.”