Ariana Madix Talks Filming With Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss Again

VPR's Ariana Shared Sex Confession With Raquel Amid Tom Affair

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Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix had their last psychological separation talk following his affair with Raquel Leviss and it was more destructive that anybody might have pictured.

“That girl is searching for identity in men, she has no identity of her own,” she informed him. “Willing to stoop so low as to f–k one of her best friend’s life partners, and that’s someone you think is a good person to be around?”

When Sandoval exposed he and Leviss formed a deep, psychological bond, Ariana blew up, calling Sandoval and Leviss’ relationship “bulls–t” and “disgusting.”

“I was ride or f–king die for you, ” she included, “and I had her back. The fact that she’s continued to smile in my face is one of the most god-awful, disgusting things I’ve ever heard of.”

And though Sandoval continued to blame their absence of intimacy, Madix didn’t purchase it and left her ex with one last, bone-chilling message.

“I regret every moment that I stood up for you, defended you, supported you,” she stated. “You’re worth nothing and I want you to feel that deep in your soul. I want you to hear those words coming from the mouth of the woman who f–king stood by you and loved you and was ready to build the rest of my life around you.”