Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Have Decided to ”Separate for Good” – E! Online

Ashley Martson and Jay Smith Have Decided to ''Separate for Good'' - E! Online

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After a love filled with ups and downs, 90 Day Fiance couple Ashley Martson, 34, and Jay Smith, 22, are separating, presumably for the last time. 

Ashley validated the news through Instagram on Saturday, Sept. 19 with a picture of a quote that checked out, “Sometimes things just don’t work out, and it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just the way things are.”

In the caption, the truth star included that she and Jay have actually chosen to separate… this time “for good.”

“I thought I was stronger and more forgiving but I’m not. Sometimes when trust is broken, it just cannot be repaired,” Ashley continued. “I wish Jay the best and we are both on the same page with this. No one cheated. No one did anything. I simply couldn’t get over the past. I gave my all to this marriage and as I type this I’m heartbroken, this isn’t how I envisioned my future.”

Ashley likewise asked forgiveness from the family and friends who would discover the split from her Instagram post, mentioning that she merely did not have “the strength” to talk about completion of their relationship.

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