Bachelorette’s Ben Smith Gets Candid About Tayshia’s Engagement – E! Online

Bachelorette's Ben Smith Gets Candid About Tayshia's Engagement - E! Online

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“I was in the camp of being like, There’s no f–king way that any other dude is having the same experience that I am having,” he confessed. “But watching it back now, I see, Oh, my god, Ben, dude. Like, your relationship was one thing, and it was playful and fun, and I can see that connection that we had, but it’s pretty evident that there was a deeper bond and a deeper connection, ultimately, with Zac. You can see their chemistry, you can see the way they play off of each other.”

Ben, who informed Nick that it has actually been over a year considering that he has actually been on a date beyond the program, stated that he had bookings about returning due to issues of having to overcome her formerly declining him. But provided how effective his sensations were, Ben understood he needed to take his shot, particularly considered that she had actually assisted him in his own individual journey.

“I came in trying to meet a girl, trying to learn something about myself and maybe restore my faith in humanity, and I got all those things, which is nuts to me,” he continued. “The reason I fell in love with her was the way that she made me feel. She held space for me. She created a space for me to be open and vulnerable. And it was safe, and it was secure, and she didn’t run, and she didn’t chastise me, and she didn’t do anything other than just receive me. And for that I’m grateful, and I’m incredibly thankful for the experience.”

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