Brian Austin Green Was Surprised to Stump Masked Singer Panel – E! Online

Brian Austin Green Was Surprised to Stump Masked Singer Panel - E! Online

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E!: How difficult was it to keep this trick? 

BAG: That was most likely the hardest part. The hardest part was going to work and needing to inform my kids and baby-sitter, and individuals in my home, and my mother, like, “Hey, I gotta go to work and I can’t talk about it. See you later!” It was truly hard. And then, you understand, in the entire age of social networks—which I’m not utilized to, that’s not my generation—however the fans are very f–king wise. It’s astounding the number of individuals would DM me and resemble, “Good job Giraffe!” after the sneak preview, or individuals going, “Hey, are you the giraffe?” And it resembles, simply not having the ability to state anything, like do not even begin discussing it. That’s the most safe method to play this. Like actually simply overlook it. Pretend like you never ever got the message.

So to do the reveal last night and not need to do that any longer is truly—it’s a substantial weight off my shoulders. It’s the very first time I lastly seem like, fine, that task is done. You did The Masked Singer.  You have all this things on set, no one understands you, it’s extremely deceptive.  It’s so releasing to, to understand like, fine, cool. I can speak about it. 

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