Celebrating Seahorse Dads: Andy & Ricard Foy é’s Journey to Fatherhood

Celebrating Seahorse Dads: Andy & Ricard Foyé's Journey to Fatherhood

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E!: What message do you wish to send out to trans youth today?

AF: While they’re getting horrible messages from their federal governments, their schools and often their moms and dads and media, I hope they’re likewise getting to see trans grownups who more than happy and at house with their households and bodies. And understand that their futures are as open as anybody else’s, that their identities are entirely legitimate, desired and required on the planet.

RF: The messages we send out now are the messages they’re going to bring with them. I might not be trans, however the painful things that relative, complete strangers or instructors stated to me as a queer kid, as a little gay kid, prior to me even comprehending what that suggested, they continue with me.

Little kids feeling so embarrassed of who they are from the outdoors world and puzzled about who they are on the within draws and it’s unfair. I hope that trans kids can feel genuine in who they are at some point in youth, not need to wait till they’re an adult and figure it out too late.

Ask us whatever you wish to ask. We actually are open to interaction, and we wish to assist.

AF: People are constantly welcome to connect. There are likewise great deals of other trans papas out there [Freddy McConnell, Bennett Kaspar Williams, Kayden Coleman, Danny Wakefield] who are doing a great deal of work and advocacy.

We desire you on the planet and the world requires you.

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