China is a rival to the U.S. — not an enemy, teacher states

China is a competitor to the U.S. — not an adversary, professor says

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A guy using a face mask as a preventive procedure versus the Covid-19 coronavirus strolls along a pedestrian street in Shanghai on October 23, 2020.

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SINGAPORE — Democratic governmental prospect Joe Biden is best in defining China as a rival instead of an enemy, a teacher informed CNBC today.

Anthony Arend of Georgetown University made these remarks after both Biden and U.S. President Donald Trump’s offered different interviews on 60 Minutes by CBS News.

Both males stated they thought about China a rival, however Trump likewise stated the Asian nation is “a foe in many ways” and an “adversary,” according to CBS.

“I think Biden has it correct, it is much more of a competition rather than an adversarial relationship,” Arend informed CNBC’s “Street Signs Asia” on Tuesday.

We can’t beat China. We need to engage China. We need to slam where required, however we need to attempt to work together where possible.

Anthony Arend

Georgetown University

The U.S. needs to acknowledge that, whether they like it or not, China is a “great power,” he stated. At the exact same time, China is breaching human rights and making “ridiculous assertions of jurisdictional claims” in the South China Sea, he included.

“So you have to hold them to task for that, but respect the fact that they are a great power and that we can’t just ignore them or deal with them as if they were a minor actor in the international system,” stated Arend.

He included that the term “adversary” is incorrect since it communicates the concept that China can be beat.

“We can’t defeat China. We have to engage China,” he stated. “We have to criticize where necessary, but we have to try to cooperate where possible.”

The U.S. and China have actually been secured a trade war with both nations slapping tariffs on the other nation’s products. Technology is likewise ending up being a battlefield for the 2 nations.

While China is not an enemy, it is the “greatest” danger to the U.S. where geopolitics is worried, Arend stated.

“I would say China presents the broadest geopolitical threat because of their power, their influence and their ability to extend globally,” he stated.

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