China raises emergency situation reaction level for floods in northeast

China raises emergency response level for floods in northeast

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Soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army bring sandbags to strengthen a riverbank on August 5, 2010 in Yongji County of Jilin Province, northeast China.

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Authorities in northeastern China raised their emergency situation reaction level on Sunday as tributaries of the Songhua, a significant river, increased to harmful levels after days of heavy rain triggered by Typhoon Doksuri.

China’s Ministry of Water Resources stated it raised the reaction for flooding to Level III at 10 a.m. (02: 00 GMT) in Inner Mongolia, Jilin andHeilongjiang China utilizes a four-tier emergency situation reaction system, with Level I the most immediate.

Heilongjiang, referred to as China’s “great northern granary”, is amongst the most recent locations to suffer the after-effects of Doksuri, which has actually eliminated a minimum of 20 individuals, displaced thousands and flooded Beijing and numerous other cities given that it made landfall in the south a week earlier.

China on Sunday assigned an extra 350 million yuan ($488 million) to support saves and home repair work in the flood-hit areas consisting of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Heilongjiang and Jilin, according to a federal government declaration.

The federal government had actually formerly assigned 170 million yuan for rescue and healing work.