Coloured tattoo ink to be prohibited in the EU from next month

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    Many artists think the restriction will unjustly drawback them and their consumers (Pictures: Getty Images)

    Tattoo artists in the EU will not be enabled to utilize coloured ink from Tuesday, January 4, onwards.

    The bloc’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) had 4,000 chemicals generally utilized in vibrant tattoo ink banned lastJanuary


    The regulative body stated the chemicals– a few of which are currently prohibited in items used on top of the skin– can trigger‘cancer or genetic mutations’


    But REACH firmly insists‘the aim is not to ban tattooing but to make the colours used in tattoos and permanent make-up safer’


    Ink providers were provided up until January 4 of next year to discover various, REACH-approved chemicals to produce the very same colours.

    But tattoo artists state providers have actually been sluggish on making any development, making it harder for many individuals to get vibrant tattoos.

    Belgian artist Marjorie Petit, who assists run the Duck Art Tattoo parlour in Mechelen, stated she needs to turn away customers requesting for vibrant sleeves due to the fact that she does not understand when she will have a ‘good replacement’ for coloured ink.

    Someone getting a tattoo on their arm. The EU is banning coloured tattoo ink from next January because it believes the ink can cause c cancer and genetic mutations.

    Some individuals remain in a race versus the clock to get their coloured sleeves completed in time (Picture: PA)

    Coloured tattoo ink. The EU is banning coloured tattoo ink from next January because it believes the ink can cause c cancer and genetic mutations.

    REACH has actually provided ink producers more time to come up with options to the 2 primary pigments individuals are worried about (Picture: PA)

    She informed Politico: ‘We now every week get messages from manufacturers that they’ re dealing with it, however the interaction about that is not rather transparent. So they state it’s coming, it’s coming … But when?’

    Similarly, the creator of the Funestik Tattoo Mania parlor in Brussels, Fabrizio Funelli, needed to hurry a vibrant sleeve he has actually currently begun for a routine customer.

    The set needed to pause their job when coronavirus lockdowns required parlours to shut and now they have actually restricted time entrusted the tools they require.

    People are especially distressed about losing access to Pigment Blue 15:3 and Pigment Green 7. A petition to ‘save the pigments’ has more than 175,000 signatures.

    REACH has actually provided ink providers more time– up till January 4, 2023– to come up with options for these 2 pigments.

    Someone getting a coloured tattoo. The EU is banning coloured tattoo ink from next January because it believes the ink can cause c cancer and genetic mutations.

    Others stress individuals who desire coloured tattoos will rely on ‘backyard artists’ (Picture: PA)

    But advocates think a restriction, whenever it works,‘would have a lasting negative impact on the economic competitiveness of European tattooists and pigmenters vis-à-vis providers outside the EU, and would seriously jeopardize the very existence of this profession’


    There are likewise frets that individuals who desire coloured tattoos will wind up relying on ‘backyard artists’ who provide tattoos unlawfully.

    But REACH hopes ink producers will have the ability to replace the ‘hazardous’ items prior to that occurs.

    It is necessary to keep in mind that researchers have actually not yet concerned an agreement about a direct link in between tattoo ink and cancer.

    Whilst some chemicals in tattoo ink has actually been shown to be carcinogenic (suggesting they have the capability to trigger cancer), some reports have actually categorized this as‘coincidental’


    Nevertheless REACH’s examination– which began in 2015– ended in a suggestion to‘make tattoo inks safer’


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