Disney Executive Dave Hollis’ Cause of Death Revealed

Disney Executive Dave Hollis’ Cause of Death Revealed

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Dave Hollis‘ cause of death has actually been identified.

The previous Disney executive, and ex-husband of influencer Rachel Hollis, passed away of “toxic effects of cocaine, ethanol, and fentanyl,” according to an Austin, Texas autopsy report gotten by NBC News.

His death– which was validated in February– was ruled as a mishap by the report from the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office, which stated that authorities discovered Dave unresponsive and stated him dead at the scene, according to Today.

The medical inspector likewise reported that hypertension and atherosclerotic heart disease were extra consider Dave’s death, according to Today.

Atherosclerotic heart disease happens when plaque develops in the arteries, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

Dave had a “dilated and enlarged heart,” along with a history of hypertension, anxiety and alcohol and substance abuse, the report stated, per Today.

“Mr. Hollis’s underlying natural disease of the heart would have predisposed it to developing an abnormal rhythm,” the report continued, “particularly in the presence of a stimulant drug such as cocaine.”