Dual screens are the future for Microsoft – Video

Dual screens are the future for Microsoft - Video

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So we revealed today that Surface Duo will work on Android, and Surface Neo works on Windows 10X.
What’s special now with the Surface Duo is we have the ability to lastly get a Surface in your pocket, and the truth that it’s 2 screens assists you resolve this issue of having the ability to be efficient when you’re on the go.
You do not constantly get that.
That’s what we’re attempting to achieve with the Surface Duo.
What we wanna do is when we construct Surface gadgets, we select the very best elements, the very best software application, and the very best apps to best the experience.
And made good sense to us that if you’re very mobile, and you desire some in your pocket that you would wish to run regional apps, mobile apps.
And so Android was an excellent option due to the fact that of the breadth of their apps that we do not typically enjoy to confess revealing here beforehand.
So let me confess that however the factor we selected to do that with the Surface Neo and Surface Duo is due to the fact that we consider these not simply as items however the start of a brand-new classification.
Computing, double screen computing.
And to release a classification as we understand, we need to bring application designers along for the flight and hardware and device element makers.
So having the ability to leave here beforehand, we have the ability to begin developing unique apps and benefit from those double screens.
I believe we remain in the start of a new age of development that I personally discover amazing.
And I believe it’s terrific that lots of business are attempting lots of things.
We definitely are gonna do our part to promote double screens in regards to the brand-new expression of Windows called Windows 10X that is developed to make that work.
We’re gonna bring that and provide that to the market to have other makers who wanna construct comparable gadgets.
And I believe you’re gonna begin to see that over the next 3 to 6 months.

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