Dylan Mulvaney Is “Happiest I’ve Ever Been” After Facial Surgery

Dylan Mulvaney Is

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Dylan Mulvaney is enjoying this brand-new chapter.

The TikTok star offered fans an upgrade on how she is doing 2 weeks after getting facial feminization surgical treatment. Although Dylan still has a methods to go on the recovery front, she is currently experiencing a brand-new level of delight.

“Healing is going amazing,” Dylan shared in aJan 3 TikTok. “I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

As seen in the video, Dylan had a plaster attached around her face and a cast on her nose. While the 26- year-old has yet to openly expose her complete face post-surgery, she kept in mind that she will be taking some more time to recover.

“Who knew privacy could be so good for a transition?” Dylan continued. “I still need two to three weeks before I’m back at it, if that’s okay. I can’t wait to catch you up on everything.”

Reflecting on her own shift, Dylan continued her video by sharing a message on appreciating various courses.