Emily Ratajkowski Says She Attracts the “Worst” Men

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“What I hate with dating, with men in particular, is I feel like they’re like, ‘OK, yes, you’re special. You’ve done it,'” Emily specified. “And they love it and love it, and then slowly, they get emasculated and they don’t know what to do with those feelings, and then they resent you,” the host stated. “And then they start to tear you down, and then you’re back to square one.”

She continued, “And it’s so f—ked up and unfair, because I feel like a lot of men who truly think they want a strong woman actually don’t know how to handle it and they don’t know what it means for their own identity.”

The My Body author, who released her podcast last October, and has actually frequently utilized it to share her ideas on love, sex and dating, even exposing her current experience utilizing dating apps.

“I had a glass of wine and I was like, ‘F–k it,'” she stated on theDec 22 episode. “I actually was feeling defiant because so many people told me not to get it.”