Facebook fugitive Paul Ceglia battles extradition from Ecuador to United States


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Paul Ceglia is attempting to prevent going back to the United States to stand trial.

Paul Ceglia Facebook profile picture.

The male charged with attempting to defraud Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg is supposedly fighting a push to extradite him to the United States after being jailed in Ecuador recently.

Paul Ceglia stated in court that his life will be at threat if he’s reminded the United States, according to Reuters.

“The judge’s resolution indicates that the extradition process continues and that he his still detained,” his legal representative, Roberto Calderon, informed the news service. “I think the process will last 45 days.”

Calderon stated the extradition treaty in between the United States and Ecuador does not cover the criminal activities of which Ceglia is implicated.

Ceglia was charged with scams in 2012 after a judge identified that a 2003 agreement– which the New York male utilized to declare that Zuckerberg guaranteed him a 50 percent stake in Facebook– was a “recently created fabrication.” Ceglia’s suit declaring that stake was later on dismissed

He dealt with 20 years in jail over the initial charges, however went missing out on in March 2015 with his household after eliminating an electronic tracking ankle bracelet. The penalty for illegal flight to prevent prosecution is a great or as much as 5 years in jail.

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