Facebook prepares to press Oculus VR headsets for services


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The next huge action for Oculus might enjoy our office complex.

Sarah Tew/CNET

When Facebook pitches its Oculus virtual truth headsets to the masses, it broaches their capability to make you feel as though you’re inside a video game, going to another world or diving beside huge blue whales, without ever leaving your sofa.

Its next act may be to take that other-worldliness to your work.

Via a task publishing, Oculus VR is searching for a software application specialist to operate in its Seattle, Washington workplaces to assist construct unique variations of its $199 Oculus Go and $399 Oculus Quest mobile VR headsets for services. This individual would assist make the headsets deal with different kinds of service software application, the task publishing stated. An Oculus spokesperson didn’t right away react to an ask for remark.

The Oculus Go is an entry-level headset that works without the requirement for a computer system or smart phone to power it. The Quest is a mid-level gadget that’s likewise self included, providing greater quality visuals and controls. Both headsets put screens so near your eyes they fool your brain into believing you remain in the computer-generated world.

The task publishing, very first seen by Variety and which since time of composing is no longer accepting candidates, is the current indication of Facebook’s desire to purchase efforts to expand the appeal of its headsets. Microsoft has actually taken a comparable tack with its $3,500 HoloLens enhanced truth headset, which overlays computer system images on the real life. In Microsoft’s case, the business clearly states it does not wish to offer the gadget to you and me — yet.

For Oculus, finding success with business world might assist strengthen sales as designers continue looking for a “killer app” that will persuade customers to purchase in. But it will still have competitors.

HTC, for instance, revealed its Vive Focus VR headset for services last November, and Microsoft has actually been assisting partners such as Lenovo, Dell and H-P construct VR headsets for services too.