Ford F-150 Lightning electrical pickup might win first-mover benefit

Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup could win first-mover advantage

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A Ford F-150 Lightning on screen at the New York Auto Show, April 13, 2022.

Scott Mlyn|CNBC

DETROIT– Ford Motor is set to be the very first car manufacturer to bring a mainstream, full-size electrical pickup to the U.S. market, poised to take advantage of a first-mover benefit in what’s anticipated to be a fiercely objected to sector in the years to come.

Ford CEO Jim Farley stated the business prepares to scale production of its electrical F-150 Lightning pickup much faster than its rivals, with strategies to increase production of the Lightning at a plant in Dearborn, Michigan, to 150,000 systems in the next year approximately, up from a preliminary target of 40,000 automobiles.

That would overshadow strategies of Rivian Automotive and General Motors, which are anticipated to be in the 10s of thousands. Both are currently producing and offering more expensive electrical pickups in smaller sized and bigger truck sections.

Other business, particularly EV start-ups, have actually formerly promoted the electrical pickup as an enormous chance, however have actually up until now stopped working to carry out on a big scale.

“In this market, being a first-mover is a very, very important move,” Farley informed CNBC. “We didn’t know we’d be first, but we worked fast in case we were, and it’s worked out that way. I think it could be one of the most important advantages we have.”

Ford is “confident” it can strike its 150,000 production target, according toFarley He stated the business has actually protected the lithium-ion batteries required for that level of production– a significant issue of financiers and Wall Street experts. Ford likewise will focus on products of semiconductor chips, which have actually been a significant supply chain issue for more than a year, for the Lightning, Farley stated.

“We’re not joking. We think this is as big a product as when the Model T came out for us,” Farley stated, describing Ford’s flagship item that is credited with being the driver for mass adoption of automobiles from horse and buggies starting in 1908.

Shipping impending

Some think the F-150 Lightning might be the very first real test of whether Americans are prepared to embrace electrical automobiles that aren’tTeslas The pickup is likewise vital to Ford’s $42 billion truck franchise and maintaining its decades-long sales supremacy as America’s very popular truck and lorry with its F-Series pickups.

Ford has actually begun preliminary pre-production of its electrical F-150 Lightning pickup at a brand-new plant in Dearborn, Mich.

Michael Wayland|CNBC

While Rivian’s R1T electrical pickup was the very first to market in 2015, it’s a smaller sized lorry than the Lightning and priced beginning at $67,500 GM likewise began delivering its GMC Hummer EV pickups at the end of in 2015, however they’re bigger than the F-150 Lightning and at first priced at about $110,000

The F-150 Lightning begins at about $40,000 for a work-oriented variation and $53,000– just countless dollars over the typical rate spent for a brand-new lorry– for a customer pickup.

Ford has actually begun salable production of the F-150Lightning The car manufacturer is anticipated to start delivering the brand-new electrical trucks to dealerships within days.


First to get the F-150 Lightning will be choose business, or fleet, consumers and the 200,000 booking holders who have actually positioned $100 refundable deposits for the lorry given that it was revealed lastMay It might take Ford more than a year to meet those orders, according to Farley.

That timespan is longer than historic preparations for such automobiles however is still anticipated to be quicker than other EVs. New orders for the Hummer EV aren’t anticipated to be satisfied till 2024, and Rivian just anticipates to produce 25,000 automobiles this year.

Ford has actually begun preliminary pre-production of its electrical F-150 Lightning pickup at a brand-new plant in Dearborn, Mich.

Michael Wayland|CNBC

Farley stated the business is sharing the F-150 internal combustion engine plant, which need to assist it strike in between 150,000 and 200,000 production systems a year.

“We build a million F-150s a year. We know how to do this. And we have incredible scale,” he stated.

Ford’s dish for success with the F-150 Lightning is undoubtedly scale. The Lightning shares parts such as seats, doors and much of the lorry’s interior with its standard gas-powered brother or sisters to help with provider rates and advancement.

It’s a various method than GM, Rivian and Tesla, which all have distinct electrical truck platforms. And it’s a method that helped Ford in getting the lorry to market.

The parts sharing is likewise anticipated to help with increasing production, however it’s opened the business as much as criticism that a devoted EV platform is chosen. Ford ultimately anticipates to construct a devoted EV platform at a brand-new plant in Tennessee.

Unlike the Hummer and R1T, Ford is making it an enormous indicate target fleet consumers with the F-150Lightning About 20% to 30% of preliminary production will be for those consumers, nevertheless Farley stated he thinks the need from business and work consumers might ultimately exceed the customer market.

Growing sector

LMC Automotive anticipates the U.S. electrical pickup market to increase from about 25,000 automobiles this year to 1 million approximately by2030 The 5 electrical pickup designs readily available this year is anticipated to leap to 21 over the next years.

The race to launch electrical pickups was mainly triggered by Tesla and other EV start-ups considering the sector, which the Detroit car manufacturers have actually controlled for years.

Ford’s F-Series, that includes the F-150 pickup and its bigger brother or sisters, has actually been America’s very popular lorry for 40 straight years and the market’s top-selling truck for the 45 years. Neither are titles Ford wishes to give up when it pertains to electrical pickups.

“We’re not going to cede the future to anyone,” Farley informed CNBC in 2015. “Our electric strategy is very specific. We’re going to invest in segments where we’re the dominant player and we have scale, like the F-150, the Transit van, our Mustang.”

Ford has actually revealed strategies to ramp production abilities to 2 million EVs by 2026, as it looks for to end up being the second-largest seller of such automobiles, behind Tesla, by that time. Its crosstown competitor, GM, has stated it prepares to exceed Tesla in domestic EV sales by 2025.

Both car manufacturers have a great deal of reaching do versus Tesla, which represented approximately 3 out of 4 electrical automobiles offered throughout the very first quarter of this year.