Ford Super Duty trucks get modern functions

Ford Super Duty trucks get high-tech features

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2023 Ford Super Duty F-350 Limited


DETROIT– Let’s set a scene: A pickup motorist and their partner, the truck in reverse, trying to line up the drawback ball on the pickup with a coupler on the trailer. “A little left. No, your left. No, YOUR left. OK, now a little right. Never mind. Let’s try it again.”

That familiar headache, to name a few, is why Ford Motor is souping up innovations on its most costly pickups to make the cars more workable for more recent owners and alleviate significant discomfort points for veteran truck chauffeurs.

The Detroit car manufacturer is including functions to its 2023 Ford Super Duty lineup to increase deal costs of the trucks and alleviate troubles with a few of the cars’ essential functions: towing and carrying/hauling.

“This is really about making the truck safer for our customers, for equipment, for whatever you’re towing. It’s about productivity. It’s about ease. It’s about saving marriages,” stated Tim Baughman, basic supervisor of Ford’s industrial service. “With our new trailer-tow features, I’m sure we’ll be saving a couple marriages based on what it can now do.”

Many pickup owners, specifically more recent ones, deal with headaches such as figuring out just how much weight they can securely put in their cars or hitching trailers to their trucks, according to Ford.

The latter obstacle, particularly, can trigger relationship difficulties, as it can take 2 individuals and numerous shots to get placing of the trucks and trailers appropriate for pulling– like in our all-too-common however fictionalized circumstance above.

“Our team is obsessed with our customers,” Baughman stated. “This is about customer understanding and customer obsession. And everything in this truck is purpose-built.”

Ford states 96% of its clients tow with its F-250 to F-450 Super Duty pickups, which are bigger brother or sisters to its popular F-150 trucks. A bulk likewise utilize the cars to transport heavy loads in the beds of the cars, which begin with approximately $44,000 and can run more than $103,000, depending upon the design.

To help with hitching and carrying, Ford is utilizing innovations such as brand-new electronic camera functions, automated help and clever weight taillights.

Easy drawback setup

Ford’s brand-new “Pro Trailer Hitch Assist” takes the inconvenience out of the procedure. The truck immediately supports and lines up the drawback ball to the trailer receiver. The function is basic or readily available on numerous designs, beginning at $1,035

“It’s to help take the pain away,” stated Aaron Bresky, Ford Super Duty primary innovation officer. “People have to tow for recreation and work, and the more we can take the pain out, it becomes more natural.”

The 2023 F-Series Super Duty trucks can tow in between 14,000 and 40,000 pounds, depending upon the truck.

Ford’s “Pro Trailer Hitch Assist” immediately backs the truck up and lines up the standard drawback ball to the receiver of the trailer.


Onboard light scales

Beyond towing or trailering, Ford’s Super Duty pickups can themselves transport a lot, approximately 8,000 pounds, depending upon the design. That consists of all individuals, freight and any things that might remain in the bed of the pickup.

But needing to think or determine just how much you’re carrying can be challenging, specifically when you have travelers in the car or you do not understand just how much your freight weighs.

Ford’s response to this issue is something it calls “Onboard Scales with Smart Hitch,” which debuted on the 2021 F-150 The system utilizes scales in the car to figure out the overall payload/weight of the car.

Drivers can utilize the car’s infotainment screen or app to figure out the payload, however Ford’s likewise providing a more special method of doing so. The car’s taillamps illuminate in various levels to let an owner understand how close they are to reaching the car’s overall payload limitation.

If the car is over its qualified payload, the leading bar will blink, informing the owner that they might require to reconsider what they’re carrying or ditch a traveler or more.

The taillights likewise can be utilized to stabilize a trailer with the car, likewise called a trailer tongue weight.

The Onboard Scales with Smart Hitch is readily available for $650 on Lariat designs and requirement on higher-end trucks.

New readily available “Onboard Scales” procedure and show the approximate weight of the payload in the Ford trucks. Load info is shown in the center touch screen, on the Ford Pass app or in the truck’s clever taillights.


Tailgate electronic camera

The easiest brand-new function is a rearview electronic camera installed to the top of the car’s tailgate. While it deals with towards the sky when eviction is up, it supplies a clear view of what lags the car when the tailgate is reduced, providing an additional set of eyes when an owner is carrying something longer in the bed of the car.

While all brand-new cars are needed to have rearview electronic cameras, Ford is the very first to carry out such an electronic camera that works for when the tailgate is down. Standard rearview electronic cameras on American pickups deal with towards the ground when the tailgate is reduced.

The alternative likewise features integrated sensing units that deal with the electronic camera to alert chauffeurs when their reduced tailgate is approaching a things.

The brand-new backup electronic camera and sensing units are basic on higher-end trims however not readily available on entry-level and lower-priced trucks.

Ford put an electronic camera and sensing units into the tailgate of its F-Series Super Duty pickups that can be utilized when the tailgate is down.