Former College Track Star Cameron Burrell’s Cause of Death Revealed

Former College Track Star Cameron Burrell's Cause of Death Revealed

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Track and field star Cameron Burrell‘s death has actually been ruled a suicide.

The late professional athlete, who was an NCAA Division I promote and ran track and field for the University of Houston, died on Monday,Aug 9. According to the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences’ records, Cameron suffered a deadly gunshot injury of the head. He was just 26 years of ages.

Cameron’s dad and head coach of the Texas- based college, Leroy Burrell, likewise validated his death in a declaration shown E! News on Friday,Aug 13.

“On Monday evening, our family’s hearts were broken with the passing of our son, Cameron, who took his own life,” his message read. “We may never know why Cameron made such a decision. We encourage anyone who may be struggling in their lives to reach out for help.”

Leroy, who is an Olympic gold medalist, included, “You are not alone, and you are surrounded by more people who love and care for you than you may think in a dark moment.”

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