Future of tWitch’s Estate Is Determined After He Died Without a Will

Future of tWitch's Estate Is Determined After He Died Without a Will

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The fate of Stephen “tWitch” Boss estate has actually been chosen.

Per court files gotten by E! News, half of Stephen’s financial profits from his work as a choreographer, manufacturer and more have actually been given to his better half, Allison Holker

The Superior Court of California legal choice was bied far April 26, 4 months after Stephen handed downDec 13 without a will. In February, Allison, who shares kids Weslie Fowler, 14, Maddox Laurel Boss, 7, and Zaia Boss, 3, with spouse Stephen, submitted a California Spousal Property Petition, to show to the court that she is the Stephen’s better half.

As seen in the petition, Allison’s legal group kept in mind that Stephen “owned nothing of value at the time of marriage” which he “did not receive any assets by way of gift, devise or bequest during the marriage, and all existing assets were acquired during the marriage, by virtue of the work, skills and efforts of the parties.”