God’s Favorite Idiot: Why Leslie Bibb Was Immediately on Board

God's Favorite Idiot: Why Leslie Bibb Was Immediately on Board

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It’s great to be bad often.

Leslie Bibb understands that to be real after entering Satan’s shoes for Netflix’s brand-new series, God’s Favorite Idiot And, in an interview with E! News, Bibb exposed that she felt “lucky” to land the function, as “villains are fun.”

“I was like, ‘Wait, are you punking me?'” Bibb stated when she found out that she might perhaps play the ruler of Hell in a Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy– led apocalyptic work environment funny. “‘I don’t think I even have to read it.'”

She did eventually check out the scripts, leading to her “laughing so hard” and panicking that the casting directors would enter a various instructions. Mainly since she currently discovered her motivation for the character: Reese Witherspoon‘s function of Tracy Flick in Election

Because, much like Tracy (Witherspoon), Satan likewise had “a chip on her shoulder.”

“I just knew when I read it, how I wanted to see her,” she informed E!News “She’s very mercurial. It’s like a petulant child.”

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