Google’s next undersea cable television will link United States to UK and Spain


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Google’s 4th undersea cable television is called Grace Hopper.


Google stated on Tuesday that it prepares to construct an undersea cable television throughout the Atlantic ocean connecting the United States, UK and Spain. The cable television, called after computer system researcher Grace Hopper, will be Google’s 4th undersea cable television. 

“98% of international internet traffic is ferried around the world by subsea cables”, stated Bikash Koley, Google’s international network vice president, in a release. “A vast underwater network of cables crisscrossing the ocean makes it possible to share, search, send, and receive information around the world at the speed of light.”

The search huge owns 3 other undersea cable televisions: Curie, linking the United States and South America; Dunant, linking the United States and France; and Equiano, linking Europe and Africa. Google likewise collectively runs a variety of other undersea cable televisions consisting of the Pacific Light Cable Network with Facebook. In 2019, the United States supposedly looked for to obstruct the Pacific Light Cable Network out of nationwide security issues. 

Google stated the Grace Hopper cable television is arranged to go on the internet in 2022 and will be developed by SubCom, the very same business contracted to construct the Dunant and Curie cable televisions. Grace Hopper will assist assistance Google’s prepares for a brand-new cloud area in Madrid. 

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