Here’s How Succession Ended After 4 Seasons

Here's How Succession Ended After 4 Seasons

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After 4 seasons of weaves, the video game of Succession has actually pertained to an end.

During the May 28 series ending– entitled “With Open Eyes”–Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan (Sarah Snook) and Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin) made their last transfer to protect the leading area of their late daddy Logan’s (Brian Cox) business, WaystarRoyco So, who eventually won in the end?

Well, after GoJo’s Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsg ård) cut Shiv out of his offer to purchase WayStar– choosing to opt for her separated other half Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) rather– she rejoined Kendall and Roman to combat for control of the business. Together, the trio chose that their best choice to win the business was to pitch Kendall as the CEO over Roman and Shiv.

However, throughout the essential conference with business’s board members to stop the GoJo offer, Shiv chose to revoke the arrangement with her siblings, causing a heated brother or sister argument. (One that included Kendall pushing Roman versus the wall and Shiv raising Kendall’s participation in the death of the waiter from her and Tom’s wedding event.)

Then, after Shiv enabled the GoJo sale to go through, she reunited with Tom– who’s now CEO of the business– and begrudgingly held his hand as they left the workplace, meaning their future together.

As for Kendall, after the business was purged from under him, he is seen taking a seat in front of the water prior to the credits rolled.