Hocus Pocus’s Kathy Najimy Praises Jennifer Aniston’s Hummus – E! Online

Hocus Pocus's Kathy Najimy Praises Jennifer Aniston’s Hummus - E! Online

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Kathy Najimy is completely bewitched by this meal.

The Hocus Pocus star applauded Jennifer Aniston‘s Mediterranean- design cooking while they consumed supper at the Friends alum’s home. In a video published to Jennifer’s Instagram Stories, Kathy displays her supper plate, which includes a shish kebab and diced veggies.

However, absolutely nothing gets her attention more than the hummus.

“So here’s the thing, we’re about the eat dinner, I look down and it looks beautiful. I love it,” Kathy stated, dipping her fork into the hummus. “And I taste the hummus, ’cause we eat hummus everyday like at the store or at the sandwich shop, and it’s fine.”

What was various about the Dumplin starlet’ hummus? According to Kathy, it is among the very best she’s ever had.

“But this,” Kathy continued, pointing her fork at the chickpea special, “is second only to my mother, my Lebanese mother who made hummus for 70 years.”