How Hannah Brown Feels About Brother’s Engagement to Jed Wyatt’s Ex

How Hannah Brown Feels About Brother's Engagement to Jed Wyatt's Ex

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Hannah stated taking a minute to assess household relationships and “having it all on paper” can assist readers “start to see where you can connect the dots of, like, some of these patterns in your life.”

“The more I’ve gone to treatment the more I’ve understood when I return house … there’s this stress and anxiety [and] I do not comprehend why it’s approaching,” she stated. “It’s not that I don’t love my family but there are in every family things that can be triggering or upsetting,” she stated. “And to know that so that you can be able to actually set boundaries with your family, be able to better communicate instead of continuing to build up these walls I think is really helpful…You can’t choose who your family is and what you were born into, but you can choose how you communicate, and the boundaries you set, and how you love one another and how you show up in your family.”

She included, “And so, I hope that those pages in the journal can really help because we all have family issues. Most of us all have some type of dysfunction in our family and that’s what makes us all unique, and it’s something that can also be celebrated in the journal as well.”