How Tayshia Adams’ First Impression Pick Compares to Past Winners – E! Online

How Tayshia Adams' First Impression Pick Compares to Past Winners - E! Online

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When Bachelorette Tayshia Adams offered newbie Spencer Robertson the impression increased, she basically made him a topic of envy amongst the entrants.

But who can blame Tayshia for preferring the blue-eyed charmer? Like the Bachelorette, Spencer is 30 years of ages, he’s a Californian at heart and he’s got brains to boot. 

According to his LinkedIn profile, he has a degree in chemistry from the University of Oregon. Following his graduation from college, the San Diegan entered into water treatment and is now the president of Robertson Water Treatment, a business he owns and runs. 

Spencer appears to invest his extra time out at sea, fishing with pals or taking in the sun’s rays. And when he’s on land, the 30-year-old delights in playing lacrosse.

What’s more is, according to his Bachelorette bio, he truly dislikes ants, likes reggae music and wishes to keep up the bulls in Spain one day. 

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