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How the 2021 SAG Awards Is Shaking Things Up Amid COVID-19 - E! Online

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UPDATE:  Due to the continuous coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 DROOP Awards will look really various compared to previous years. According to Variety, who initially broke the news, the award program is going to be pre-taped, consisting of winner statements. More unexpected, the occasion will be restricted to a one-hour running time.

“We’re taking a look at attempting to do a unique award event in an hour and leave individuals stating, which they really hardly ever do [with an awards show], ‘Man, I want we had more,'” executive manufacturer Todd Milliner informed the publication.

Along with the modifications, the DROOP Awards will not have a host, a red carpet or a set. Replacing the razzle-dazzle, the program will rather include funny bits and other sectors.

“It is a jam-packed hour, and we’re still trying to rob from one part to give to another part,” Todd described. “When you begin parsing out that hour, we didn’t truly have time for a phase. Honestly, if none of the remainder of the program was going to be live we believed, let’s put the rest of this time into those sectors [such as ‘I Am An Actor’ and In Memoriam].”

The event is arranged to air on Sunday, April 4, at 9 p.m. EST / 6 p.m. PST on TNT and TBS. This isn’t the only shake-up, checked out listed below to see how awards season has actually progressed in the wake of COVID-19.


UPDATE: The 2021 DROOP Awards have actually been held off. In order to prevent a dispute with the 2021 Grammys on March 14, the DROOP Awards will now be held the following month on Sunday, April 4.