How the Natalee Holloway Case Finally Resulted in a Murder Confession

How the Natalee Holloway Case Finally Resulted in a Murder Confession

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Paul van der Sloot dropped dead of a cardiovascular disease in February 2010, leaving his kid adrift. According to Holloway household lawyer John Kelly, a desperate Joran emailed him that March, writing, as Kelly informed Dateline, “‘I want to come clean. My father’s dead now. I have nothing to hide. I want to help Natalee’s family, but at a price, you know, for a quarter million dollars…I will tell you what happened to Natalee, where she is now so you can help Beth bring her home.'”

With Beth’s consent, John Kelly met Joran in Aruba, appealing to begin with $25,000 The boy stated he understood where the body was; John asked what would take place if they didn’t pay him. Joran supposedly responded, “‘Beth can wait another five years.'” The household then turned to the FBI, which assisted manage a strategy to make Joran believe he ‘d be earning money in order to capture him devoting wire scams, which would a minimum of be something to hold him on.

John and Joran reunited, and this time John wired him an overall of $25,000 In turn, Joran led John to a home near the Aruba Racquet Club, where he declared he had actually stowed away Natalee’s stays in what was then a newly put structure, before your home was constructed. John stated on Dateline that Joran declared he had actually been on the beach with Natalee, he wished to go, she withstood, and after that he “got angry and actually threw her. He actually made the gesture in the car, on video, showing me how he threw her in anger, because she wouldn’t leave at that point. And according to him, she hit the back of her head, lots of blood and she was dead.”

John stated he was hesitant of Joran’s total story, which was that he initially concealed Natalee’s body at the beach with his dad’s assistance, and after that the next day they buried her. But he still hoped they had actually shaken something loose.

“When I got on the airplane May 11 [2010], I believed it was a done offer,” John stated. “And he was going to be arrested at some point. That he’d be talking at some point, and we’d get some closure at some point.”

But your home Joran indicated had not been under building in 2010, according to the authorities who stated they didn’t discover his story trustworthy sufficient to make an arrest.

John stated that Joran stayed in touch with him up till May 25, declaring he would turn himself in. Instead, he flew to Peru.

A federal grand jury arraigned him on charges of wire scams and extortion on June 30, 2010.