Howie Mandel Reacts After Getting Booed by AGT Audience

Howie Mandel Reacts After Getting Booed by AGT Audience

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Howie Mandel‘s got no beef with the America’s Got Talent audience after getting booed throughout the program’sSept 5 episode.

The comic was on the getting end of some ridiculing after striking his red X button throughout an efficiency by household group ParentJam However, in spite of dispute from fans, the 67- year-old is waiting his criticism of the participants.

“I feel like I have the best job in the world,” Mandel informed Entertainment Tonight backstage. “They don’t want anything of me but just to show up and say what I think. That’s all I do. There’s no skill involved in what I’m doing on this show. This is the only job I’ve had in my life where they said, ‘Just show up and be you.’ So, you know, listen, I know I got booed. I got booed, but I thought I found a great opportunity for investment!”

While sharing his reviews with Parent Jam– an L.A.-based hip-hop group produced for kids and moms and dads to hang around dancing together–Mandel described he saw the idea as an effective across the country organization franchise, not a $1 million Las Vegas program.