‘I forget I’m living in a shed’

I live in a $62/month dumpster that I built for $5,000 – take a look inside

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In 2020, I constructed a small house in the yard of my 1,400- square-foot home in Atlanta, Georgia for about $35,000

Today, it’s my main home, and I reside in it for $0; my home loan, real estate tax and energy expenses are covered by lease I gather from leasing my primary house.

The home is just 296 square feet, however it’s effectively created. A great deal of the time, I forget I’m living in a shed.

Tiny houses are simply starting to get traction in the U.S., however the procedure isn’t as uncomplicated as it ought to be. Here’s my recommendations on how to develop your own yard small house:

1. Check your regional zoning.

Although some significant cities are reducing guidelines on small houses to motivate more real estate supply, numerous still limit what you can and can refrain from doing with your land.

You can normally discover the zoning codes for your home address through your city’s local zoning map. Do a quick Google search with your city’s name and the terms “zoning map” or “zoning office.”

If nothing comes up, call your city’s building and planning department.

2. Consider your financing options.

3. Pick your structure.

4. Determine your design needs.

5. Get multiple construction bids.

6. Secure your return on investment.