I believe Macy’s can go higher

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Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III: “I do not like these[special purpose acquisition companies] It’s time for them to stop. Ford is included with one that we had recently, and I like that, however I’m not going to simply sit here and suggest the SPACs any longer. It simply injures a lot of individuals, and individuals need to stop submitting them.”

Macy’s: “I like Macy’s quite, however it’s not a high leaflet. It’s simply that [CEO] Jeff Gennette is simply doing a really, excellent task. He’s doing in fact a remarkable task and if we get anywhere near the immunization we need to have, that stock goes to $30 I simply seem like it’s had a good relocation, however it’s not over.”

Noodles & & Company: “I know it’s been around. Maybe it’s making a comeback, but it’s been two steps forward, two steps back. I’m not going there.”

Chewy: “It has fallen out of favor, Chewy. It has fallen out of favor as people realize, you know what, Amazon is just not going to let them do anymore. I happen to think they offer specialized treatment, and it’s a good stock. I’m not going to back away from Chewy.”

ChargePoint: It’s out of favor. We did a piece just recently about how we needed to be really cautious. Again, the SPACs, the EVs, these are business that have actually harmed a lot of individuals. You can own it strictly as a speculation, absolutely nothing else.”

Caterpillar: “For the financial investment club, we’re not thinking about Caterpillar here. We’re Nucor, and I believe Nucor is a much better method to be able to, if you wish to purchase facilities, it’s going to beNucor That’s the one you wish to remain in. I like Caterpillar, however.”

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