If you utilize any of these 9 expressions, ‘you’re more mentally resistant than the majority of’

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Emotionally resistant individuals are intentional in their reaction to uncomfortable experiences. They permit themselves to grieve, advise themselves of what they are grateful for, and concentrate on what they can manage in the minute.

But as a Harvard- trained psychologist, I’ve seen a lot of individuals battle with this. It takes effort, practice and psychological strength.

If you utilize any of these 10 expressions every day, you are more mentally resistant than the majority of:

1. “I can get through this.”

Emotional durability is connected with grit and psychological strength. There is an understanding that we need to be strong and get rid of misfortune without letting it break us.

Similar expression: “As much as I hate this, I can survive it.”

2. “I’m not going to let myself be a victim.”

3. “Life is hard.”

4. “This, too, shall pass.”

5. “What can I learn from this?”

6. “I need some time.”

7. “I still have things to be grateful for.”

8. “It is what it is.”

9. “I’m letting this go.”

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