In Honor of Groundhog Day: 11 Skincare Products I Use Over and Over

In Honor of Groundhog Day: 11 Skincare Products I Use Over and Over

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I am a born and raised Pennsylvanian, and likewise somebody with a fondness for rubbish. So a legal holiday that focuses on an animal from the opposite of my house state either seeing or not seeing his shadow, us normally relying on that as a predictor of how nature will act, and the spokespeople for the whole occasion being guys who use tuxedoes and stovepipe hats? Well, that’s got “me” composed all over it.

This year, a specific forest animal is reported to have actually seen his shadow. Tradition mentions that 6 weeks of winter season are to follow. Sure, that’s what it states on the contemporary calendar currently, however isn’t it more enjoyable to understand for sure since of something that took place prior to dawn in a town called Gobbler’s Knob?

I’m off-track. The point is: It’s such an excellent vacation that an entire motion picture got made about the delight of getting to experience it over and over once again. (That is the plot, right?)

So, in the spirit of time loops, what seems like relentless winter season dryness, and providing all of us another factor to commemorate February 2, these are the skin care items I keep going back to year-round.