Inside Bob Saget’s Legacy: Clean Sitcom Dad, Beloved Dirty Comedian

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Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Comedy Central

In his 2014 book, Saget composed, “The goal of living a full life is so, at its end, you’ll have learned some things along the journey. I’m nowhere near the end yet, but I’ve already had some incredible experiences. I’ve met and worked with some amazing people, I’ve lived, I’ve loved, I’ve cried…and through it all, I did it my way.”

He might have cribbed that line from Frank Sinatra, however Saget was an initial: a program company veteran who handled to look simply as in the house administering life lessons on Full House as he did holding court in front of an audience who wished to laugh their asses off.

And as revealing generosity ended up being significantly crucial to him, particularly over the last couple of years, he took higher pride than ever in bringing individuals happiness as a comic.

“The root of who I am, the older I get, is love,” Saget informed Kweli in 2015. “And yeah, I’m not constantly like that. I’m annoyed in the house, or I’ll view the news and I’ll scream, I’ll get actually upset about things. But if you’re originating from a location of love, and you’re a great individual …

“That’s the key, and that’s why I’m more inspired to do stand-up now than ever.”