Inside Madison McGhee’s Quest to Solve Her Dad’s Murder With a Podcast

Inside Madison McGhee's Quest to Solve Her Dad's Murder With a Podcast

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Meanwhile, Madison has her theories about who eliminated her daddy. And she understands that, in the end, what she discovers might need to suffice for her.

“As much as I hope that there will be a path to justice at a legal level through a trial and a conviction,” she stated, “I understand that for reasons out of my control there may not be enough evidence.”

“If I end this journey simply knowing who did it and why—I do believe that will be enough,” Madison continued. “But I will not stop until I have tried everything to get it solved in a court of law.”

Focusing just on what she can manage, she’ll continue to get the word out about the unsolved murder of J.C. McGhee, “doing whatever it takes to get to the truth.”

And now that she’s planted her flag in the real criminal activity area, in addition to continuing with her daddy’s case– episode 9 of Ice Cold Case dropsSept 6– she has an interest in working together with others like her, “a relative desperate for answers,” by themselves mission for closure.

“If there is a way to utilize this to help others, I will make it happen,” she stated. “And it would be a great honor to do so.”