Instagram is owned by Facebook, and other digital truths most Americans don’t understand


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Not everybody understands Facebook owns Instagram. 

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More than half of Americans can’t acknowledge a photo of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Only 29% understand that WhatsApp and Instagram are owned by Facebook.

These 2 information points are a few of the brand-new findings from the Pew Research Center revealing that when it concerns fundamental digital understanding, Americans aren’t constantly that savvy.

The study, performed in June, put more than 4,000 participants to the test. The bulk might respond to less than half of the concerns properly, according to the study results out Wednesday. Other findings consisted of that 49% weren’t clear on what personal surfing does, and just 30% understood that “https://” suggests that information entered upon a site is secured.

There were a couple of location where survey-takers did much better, however. Sixty-7 percent understood that phishing rip-offs can occur throughout a range of platforms. Sixty-3 percent understood what a cookie is, and 53% comprehended that marketing is the biggest earnings stream for lots of social networks business.  

Pew likewise discovered that more youthful folks tended to score much better than older folks, and those with college likewise did much better.

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