iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 11: We compare cams to see which is much better – Video

iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 11: We compare cameras to see which is better - Video

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This is the brand-new $399 iPhone SE.
It has a single rear cam, powered by the exact same processor that remains in this, the $699 iPhone 11 however has 2 rear cams.
But, how do they compare?
Let’s learn.
Both the front and rear cams on the iPhone SE are practically the exact same hardware smart as they were on the iPhone 8. But they get a big enhancement in image quality, in addition to performance due to the fact that of that A13 processor.
Now you get things like wise HDR for photography, you get the fast take shooting button makes you hold the shutter down and the cam app You likewise get picture mode images both on the rear cam and on the selfie cam which is really a very first on any 4.7 inch iPhone.
Okay, I it’s tough for me to even take into words how amazed I am by what the a 13 bionic chip together with the IOS 13 software application on here And we’ll simply just how much has actually changed this iPhone 8 hardware.
How will it manage versus the iPhone 11 which not just has the very best cam system on any iPhone ever, however likewise among the very best all around cams on any phone.
Also, I need to ask forgiveness.
You’re visiting a great deal of images and videos of me due to the fact that That’s simply the outcome of what occurs when you’re attempting to check both cams versus each other in these times.
Lets speak about cam hardware, on the back of the IPHONE SE is a single rear cam, it has an F/1.8 28MM length.
That noise familiar due to the fact that it is the exact same one.
Found on the iPhone 8.
Now in the back of the iPhone 11 or 2 cams, you got a primary cam and it has a F1.8 26 millimeter lens, however likewise has an ultra broad angle cam which has a 13 millimeter F2.4 lens.
Obviously considering that the iPhone 11 has a 2nd rear cam that’s ultra broad.
It’s unfair to compare it to a non existing cam on the iPhone SE So rather, I’ve produced a montage of images and videos that I took with the ultra broad cam.
Of the iPhone 11, delight in.
In great light images from each phone are really comparable in regards to image quality.
I imply take a look at these photos of a tree I got my yard.
You inform which phone took which photo?
Yeah, now you see my point.
Yeah the iPhone SE picture is framed ever so a little tighter due to the fact that of that 28 millimeter lens compared to the iPhone 11 when is 26 millimeter And I believe a great deal of that pertains to the truth that whether you’re on a iPhone 11, 11 Pro or the brand-new iPhone SE.
That wise HDR is enhancing those images, it’s drawing out those information.
And it’s pressing that vibrant variety as much as possible without letting the image break down.
These next images of a tree in shadows with intense sky behind Showcases that rather well.
And in a severe scene like this with dark shadows and actually intense highlights, we can begin to see some space in between the 2 phones.
Check out the iPhone 11 picture will be zoom into 100% you can see the shadows have more information and aren’t as dark as the iPhone SE.
And if we look carefully at the sky through the branches, you can see that both phones have actually exploded highlights The iPhone 11 has less however when we step far from great light and enter into medium and low light, we begin to see the distinctions in between the 2 phones a lot more.
I took some images of my bike fitness instructor inside your home and medium lighting.
The most apparent distinction is the framing is tighter on the iPhone SE than the iPhone 11 in regards to image quality The picture from 11, has a pinch more information.
Take a take a look at the wall outlet in the background.
The picture for the iPhone SE struggles with sound in the shadows.
That stated this isn’t a big distinction.
But I’d state for indoor medium life others that the iPhone 11 has the edge.
And that edge originates from deep blend processing down on the iPhone 11 which is not on the iPhone SE.
And what that does is enhances the image, it decreases sound and highlights information and those medium to low light scenes.
Welcome to the darkness.
This is the best location to reveal another huge distinction in between these 2 phones which is night mode.
iPhone 11 has it the iPhone SE does not.
So what does night mode well, takes a lot of images integrates them together to make an image that’s brighter.
It’s much better information and less image sound.
You might argue that this is not a main thing you require, however there’s going to be individuals who desire it simply as much as they desire that ultra broad angle cam.
So let’s see what night mode can,
Here’s the picture from the iPhone SE of that tree in my yard.
Yeah, it’s very dark.
Now here’s the exact same tree taken with night mode on the iPhone 11.
I imply, it’s not even close night mode is fantastic.
Everything’s better.
There’s more information.
I imply, you can really see what’s going on.
Now I will confess this was a quite severe method to check the phones.
So here is a somewhat brighter, low light scene of a book, my dropped bottle and my computer system.
Even prior to we focus, we can see there’s more sharpness to the information of the iPhone 11 picture.
And when we zoom into 100% We can begin to see more distinctions in concerns to the bottle of eyedrops once again.
The iPhone 11 has much better information and color precision.
And that’s not to state that the picture for the iPhone SE is bad, I do not believe it is.
But when we take a look at the author names on the spinal column of the book, the text looks softer and the iPhone SE picture.
And likewise, see the distinction the distinction in colour of the book in between the 2 [UNKNOWN].
So what can we eliminate in concerns to [UNKNOWN].
So well, when it’s medium and low light shot, the iPhone 11 goes beyond, due to the fact that it can get that image information, and reduce that image sound.
But, in great lighting, both phones are quite equivalent.
In truth, I’m here shooting on the iPhone SE today and utilizing the native bytes.
This is my house setup is absolutely nothing elegant however curious to see how the iPhone SE manages in this circumstance.
What does it appear like what it seem like?
And now I’m shooting on the significant cam on the iPhone 11 utilizing its gadget.
See now on both phones I discovered that 4k 60 frames per second.
At very first glimpse, the videos I’ve made that I simply revealed you look quite comparable, however if we look carefully like at the speaker on the rack behind me, we see it’s more contrast II on the iPhone SE than the iPhone 11.
And l et’s speak about the light over my shoulder.
And the iPhone 11 video, you can see the light isn’t burnt out whereas in the iPhone SE video it is.
And that’s due to the fact that the iPhone 11 has actually extended vibrant variety approximately 4k 60 frames per second.
And the iPhone SEs extended variety peak at 4k 30 frames per second.
.Now it would not be a Patrick call the cam compare without some sluggish movement video footage.
But prior to we delve into that, let’s let’s simply acknowledge that this is a $399 phone.
It can shoot Full HD understand that.
720 trash, sluggish movement at 240 frames per second.
So here’s the movement videos from each phone have an unique being pulled.
Neither of these videos is best impact both struggle with image sound.
But if I look carefully, the iPhone 11 video has more information and much better sharpness and color precision Some of that really may boil down to the cam hardware.
We understand that the iPhone 11 has more recent lenses and the more recent sensing unit, whereas the hardware on the iPhone SE originates from the 2017 iPhone 8.
Perhaps the location where there is the most significant distinction in between the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE Is the selfie cam.
The iPhone 11 has a larger front dealing with cam and it can 4k video and sluggish charges.
The iPhone SE can just shoot 1080 p video and no sluggish charges.
Both phones have picture selfie mode and once again the image quality is simply a little bit much better on the iPhone 11.
There’s simply a bit more information in those images.
But let’s simply acknowledge that some individuals may not wish to have all that information on a selfie picture.
So let’s speak about selfie video.
So I’m on the iPhone 11 the selfie cam on that is checked the video here and attempting to compare it to the iPhone SE.
The most significant distinction right off the bat is the truth that this has a larger field of usage.
You can see a bit more of My home.
Yeah, that outstanding grace.
All right.
I did a fast video test here, this is the front dealing with cam, there’s the one on the iPhone SE and I’m speaking about men.
Kind of warm days I’m in the shade and yeah.
How’s it sound?
How’s it look?
You can actually see that distinction in resolution.
But likewise the audio, the iPhone 11, the audio noises more complete, has a bit more clearness to it than that from the iPhone SE.
And that brings me to the end.
It’s apparent that the iPhone 11 has a much better and more flexible cam system.
But if iPhone SE had the ability to go toe to toe with it And costs $300 less.
Maybe the iPhone SE signifies the times where we need to stop counting the number of cams we have on our phone or the number of mega pixels there are, and rather concentrate on what the procedure is due to the fact that it looks like that’s where it’s getting all its magic.

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