Is Spotify privately constructing devices? FCC provides brand-new proof


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Sarah Tew/ CNET.

Hardware is a tough organization ( simply ask Snapchat) however music membership service Spotify does not appear to be hesitating. As found by Variety, the business has actually now formally signed up with the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This is the greatest proof yet that Spotify is privately constructing a piece of customer hardware for gizmo enthusiasts like you and me.

Mind you, all that’s technically taken place here is that Spotify has actually been approved a five-digit code– 2AP3D– that it can utilize to send items to the FCC if it so selects. But it’s really a substantial tip: Companies do not require to sign up with the FCC unless they’re constructing cordless gadgets, and some business do not sign up if they’re simply white-labeling items from another maker.

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The FCC registration suggests that Spotify is designing a wireless device in-house, which lines up with a mysterious job posting from February. Is the company building its own smart speaker? Or a wearable device, as suggested by a separate job posting last year?

At the Code Conference last week, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said he “wouldn’t rule out” the company building its own devices, but said the Spotify service is his company’s primary business. “If we do things, it is to enable that service. It isn’t to be in the hardware [business] offering these things,” he informed guests.

What would you desire Spotify to construct?

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