It Ends With Us: See Blake Lively & Brandon Sklenar’s Chemistry

It Ends With Us: See Blake Lively & Brandon Sklenar's Chemistry

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Atlas Corrigan has a map directly to our hearts.

The cherished It Ends With Us book character is lastly being brought to life, as star Brandon Sklenar was identified on the New York set of Colleen Hoover‘s very popular unique adjustment on May 18.

Brandon changed into Atlas– the puppy love of lead character Lily Bloom (Blake Lively)– by using denims, a white t-shirt and a Western suede coat while shooting a scene with the starlet that put their chemistry on screen.

At one point, his rugged chef character was photographed hugging it out with Blake, who was worn a warm purple plaid coat and used her newly colored red hair down in casual waves.

“Though coming from a complicated past, Lily Bloom has always known the life she wants,” according to the movie’s run-through. “While living in Boston, she meets neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid and believes she may very well have found her soul mate. Soon, however, questions arise about their relationship, and to complicate matters her high school love interest, Atlas Corrigan, comes back into the picture, putting her relationship with Ryle in jeopardy.”

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