Jean Smart Teases She Drives a Bulldozer in Hacks Season 3

Jean Smart Teases She Drives a Bulldozer in Hacks Season 3

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If you ever require aid clearing a lot of debris, provide Jean Smart a call.

The star of HBO Max’s Hacks, which is presently in production on its 3rd season, exposed that she’s been charged with discovering some really particular brand-new abilities for the upcoming episodes.

“We’re having a blast,” she informed The Rundown’s Erin Lim Rhodes at the Babylon bestDec 15. “I had to learn how to drive a bulldozer the other day.”

We can’t state we have actually ever taken some time to consider Deborah Vance on a bulldozer, and now we have actually never ever required to see anything more.

Jean likewise teased that we can eagerly anticipate her brand-new hunky co-star offering her a lift.

” I needed to get bench-pressed by Luke Macfarlane, an extremely good-looking young star,” Jean stated, “which was kind of embarrassing.”

Sounds like a quite strong day at the workplace!

Jean exposed that season 3 of Hacks, which has actually made her 2 successive Emmys, started production onNov 28. Wearing a t-shirt reading “The Bitch Is Back,” Jean published an image on Instagram captioned: “Back to work, first day of shooting season 3. Yay!”