Jessica Alba’s Esthetician Will Improve Your Skin With 3 Simple Hacks

Jessica Alba's Esthetician Will Improve Your Skin With 3 Simple Hacks

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Now, these are charm ideas worth drooling over.

Celebrity esthetician Kate Somerville— who has actually worked her magic on Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Kate Hudson and Madelyn Cline— will make your face appear like a glazed donut. And, yes, that’s a good idea, we guarantee.

“There’s three components that will change your skin in five minutes,” she specifically informed E!News “Number one: Great exfoliation—physical and chemical. You want to lift the dead layers because you can’t have a glow with dead layers of skin.”

Next, the charm magnate suggests getting deep hydration through water-based active ingredients such as a hyaluronic acid serum to plump up the skin and offer it a healthy, fresh surface.

“The third thing is sealing it in with a moisturizer,” she continued. “If you do those three steps, your skin is going to look so much better.”

Best of all, you can customize this three-step program to your requirements. If you have fully grown skin, Kate suggests a serum that consists of actives to ravel great lines or an antioxidant moisturizer to help in reducing dark areas.