Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is the “Bad Boy of Tech” in Super Pumped

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is the

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The tech world is getting their minute in the spotlight.

On Monday,Jan 10, Showtime launched the very first teaser for the series Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Uma Thurman and Kyle Chandler The anthology series’ very first season checks out the success of the ride-share app Uber and how its creator and CEO Travis Kalanick was knocked from the top.

The trailer programs Gordon-Levitt as Kalanick, who assures his workers, “Contrary to what you might’ve read—I’m no monster.”

Then, there’s Uma, who represents previous Huffington Post co-founder Ariana Huffington It’s Huffington who calls Kalanick as the “notorious bad boy of tech.”

But it rapidly ends up being clear that having a credibility as a bad kid does not bode well for growing an organization. As Chandler’s character Bill Gurley puts it, “The best thing about Travis is he’s willing to run through walls to win. The worst thing about him is he thinks everything is a wall.”